pitch + concept + art direction

Arctic zero is a first to market product, but the competition is hot on their trail. our job was to help bring awareness to the brand in 2017 while also creating content catered to very specific demographics. the result? lots of quirky and memorable video work that was hyper targeted across multiple platforms - facebook, instagram, and youtube. 

Target one: the struggler

These zero sweat videos helped convey the message that arctic zero is low calorie you don't even have to break a sweat to burn off a serving.


Target two: the balancer

These ingredient focused videos helped consumers understand that the stuff inside the pint is actually stuff you can find in nature - not ethanol alcohols or low calorie chemical combos.


multi-target: the balancer, the struggler, the fit freak

These fun animated quote cards help introduce the low calorie promise of Arctic Zero in a playful, feed stopping way. Art direction by me, killer animations by Montana rucobo.


Target Three: the fit freak

how can we show fit people that they can eat frozen treats without feeling uber guilty? by getting their peers to do it (as fast as possible!) we created the worlds first pint eating competition and got influencers to participate and crush a pint as fast as they could. Winner of a Telly -SIlver (hooray!)

Target Three: the fit freak

meet moe madden: the lovable weirdo who hocks anything - even a dumbbell with a spoon attached to it. our fake informercial was a comedic way in to the minds of fit folk using satire and absurdity to bring awareness to our low calorie dessert. Winner of a Telly- SIlver (hooray!)

introducing arctic zero

arctic zero asked for an anthem video to help re-introduce them to fit people and strugglers alike. So, we gave them a manifesto they could stand behind and an anthem video that hit all the sweet spots.