I'm a thinker at heart, a designer by training, and a weaver after hours.

I've been working in the digital space for 10+ years and love every minute of it. Lately I've been developing brands on social and creating videos that make people giggle. I'm most interested in the relationships brands have with people and how personal those relationships actually are...and I enjoy working with like-minded people. I've launched a startup, led creative teams, and moved across the country with my cat+dog - so I am obviously always looking for a new adventure.

if you're in need of any spare hands/brains feel free to say hello!


how my expertise can help you:
  • i'm passionate about Art Directing photo and video shoots (from scrappy to real-deal)

  • i concept and execute killer insight-driven content marketing & advertising - i specialize in building connections between consumers and the brands that want to reach them.

  • i design+design+design in whatever style floats your boat - clean websites, playful digital experiences, infographics, social media, presentations, mobile apps and more.

  • i take pride in mentoring junior team members and helping grow creative teams

  • i embrace play to bring fresh, strategic solutions to clients - I truly want to build the best bridge possible between clients and who they want to talk to. sometimes building it is simple and it just needs flawless execution. sometimes it requires time, research and understanding. I can handle all of it.

  • I'm extremely versatile & resourceful - I have an immense visual vocabulary and can adapt to anything a project may require. my personal style is more artsy-craftsy & dada but I can execute minimalism with the best of 'em.