set design + build by me. grandma would be proud.

set design + build by me. grandma would be proud.

I'm a thinker at heart, a designer by training, and a weaver after hours.

Experience? check. awards? yup. side gigs? plenty.  I've launched a startup, led creative teams, and am always looking for something new to dig my hands into.

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what I bring to the table:

  • i'm passionate about Art Directing photo and video shoots. i dabble in production design, too.

  • i concept and execute insight-driven advertising - i specialize in using strategy to build authentic connections between consumers and the brands that want to reach them.

  • i  bring fresh solutions to clients and I know how to move fast.

  • i take pride in mentoring junior team members and helping grow creative teams.

  • I'm extremely versatile & resourceful - I have an immense visual vocabulary and can adapt to anything a project may require. my personal style is more artsy-craftsy & dada but I can execute minimalism with the best of 'em.

  • i'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and design.

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need a team? we’ve got you. meet my partner and weirder half: tricia olds. she's the smartest writer i know and my emergency contact. us ladies could move mountains together...or make really funny, creative stuff. we don't have a cute nickname but we share brainwaves and a passion for making smart, strategic work.